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  • Suggestions for improvement

    Here are my suggestions to improve game play:

    1) Add a separate window for info and system messages, so they don't mess up the world, party, or guild conversatiions
    2) Give an info message when your farm needs taken care of, like weeding or pest removal. Not only when harvest is ready.
    3) Show the friends online status in the farm list, so you don't have to go to the friends list every time to check
    4) Allow addition of blacklist names. Now you have to add someone as friend before you can add the name to the blacklist.
    5) Allow a search in the rankings, so you can see the rank of any person. Then you can also get the info on that person and is the above mentioned blacklist problem solved.
    6) The blacksmith Refining locks don't work properly, or at least I can't get them like I want. If I lock a stat, I want the old stat to be preserved when I press the Swap New Stats button. But it seems al the new stats are swapped in any way. It would even be better if you can select which old ones to keep, and which new ones to swap in.
    7) Make several zoom levels of the Wilds (at least 2 zoom levels), so you can get an overview of the locations of other players towns, goldmines, and perhaps even monsters or treasures.
    8) Add an indication of the extra preparation time every skill needs. Now only the cooldown time is mentioned, but when I use a skill it takes longer before my hero starts his action, depending on the skill I select.

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    I agree, especially with the first point:

    Originally posted by zilverschild View Post
    1) Add a separate window for info and system messages, so they don't mess up the world, party, or guild conversatiions
    It is quite bothersome to see "[_____] is online" and "Received: ___________" in the middle of a conversation and causes many responses to be lost so it is nearly impossible to have a conversation with my guild at any given time because most of what I say is lost.

    Also could you please increase the cap on how much you can type into a message in chat at once? Having to explain something to someone who needs help and needing to separate it out over 10 different messages instead of 3 or 4 gets very annoying.

    Thank you for your consideration

    Edit: Another thought is your censor. The two letters G and M whether they be together or separated by a space causes the whole sentence to be ruined by the censor because it gets all run together and then some symbols muck it all up. So, I would suggest fix the way the censor recognizes a word or try to make it so an entire sentence isn't run together by one little censored word. Hurts not only mine but others heads having to figure out what someone tried to say and then it frustrates the person speaking to have to over analyze what they are saying every single time.
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      To tell the truth I really would like to get VIP, however, the game offers only Paypal option for that, and that is no good, as not everyone can use it. It would be great it it would be possible to use Moneybookers for this. It would bring way more players, I know, as I discussed it with a lot of players and they have the same problem.