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Re-build Aegis Major

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  • djimmy006
    started a topic Re-build Aegis Major

    Re-build Aegis Major

    Since this astral does not make any sense when you jump to a higher lvl, why don't R2 Staff change its bonus , for example - lvl 1 will give +40 defense, lvl 2 - 80 and so on? I think that it would be better than its current bonus.

  • anichaos
    Like I suggested, add in a

    Holy Aegis

    level 1 = -100 dmg (per hit)
    level 5 = -500 dmg (per hit)
    level 10 = -1000 dmg (per hit)

    (per hit) refers to per damage.
    (this changes for the entire Aegis astral system, so intead of just decreasing TOTAL dmg by 40, you now decrease PER HIT by 40)
    (basically the same effect as how Blocks do (compared to illusion), Blocks procs on all hits, while Illusion procs them individually)

    A level 10 Holy Aegis astral

    IE: Ultimate Slasher shoots 1 hit, damage taken is reduced by 1000
    ..... (where US would have dealt 5000, it now only deal 4000 on you)

    IE: Multi-Shot shoots 2 hits, both hits gets reduced by 1000 dmg (a total of 2000 dmg reduced)
    ..... (where MS would have dealt 3000 each hit, it now only deal 2000 each hit, so instead of taking in 6000 dmg, you only take 4000 dmg)

    IE: Meteoric Destroyer shoots 3 hits, the "middle hit" is now gone (usually deals like 500~800 dmg), and the other 2 hits -1000 dmg each.
    ..... (MD would have done this regularly, 3000, 700, 3000, now only do this: 2000, 0, 2000 (so instead of taking 6700 dmg, you only take 4000 dmg)

    And as already know... Aegis can not be stacked with Goddess Blessing.

    This type of idea/change would make Aegis on Equal term with Goddess Blessing (orange).

    Or if you think the damage reduce is too high.
    Just make it
    level 1 = -60 per hit
    level 5 = -300 per hit
    level 10 = -600 per hit
    Last edited by anichaos; 10-31-2013, 02:48 PM.

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