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Suggestions server merg S100 me someother else

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  • Suggestions server merg S100 me someother else

    Server merg for S100 is need is no people left one it mabye 70 people, we give out account info to echo other people for make MP.

    The server is to old is dead we need share account me other people for make MP, TOK, Spire etc.
    Character - Taggen
    Server - S100 Goulpass Keep
    Class - Archer
    Battle Rating -2.4M BR
    Slyph - Orange Electro, Light, Dark
    Highest CW ranking - 26th

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    its matter howmany complain r2 didnt do anything


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      S147 and other merged with us need it too xD


      Crit Mage 80v
      ~135k Br



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        May I remind you that account sharing is against the Terms of Use, which you can find here. No matter how dead your server is, that is no reason to break the rules.

        Thread closed.
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