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War Chariot - BR Required as a Mage / Archer to kill it

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    Originally posted by ArtemisS58 View Post
    u dont bring up old ones though u search and if u find ur answer then thats that, if you dont make a new one and ask. no1 cares about the dead threads thats why they are dead
    I have no idea what you are trying to say but I guess you are right. A dead thread is a dead thread that can get new comments.


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      Originally posted by chrisarnold94 View Post
      I might be lagging, probably am.... but i dont actually experience any lag. But yeah you are probably right, im not that desperate, just one bit of the game i have yet to experience
      at least you get to experience it. If i ever want to play in gb i need to wake up at 3am (during DST) or 4am (outside of DST). Its not fun and 99% of the time I don't attend GB. Although there are times I happen to be awake till such hours...but that rarely happens since I'm working on weekdays and the short weekends I tend to want to sleep in to recover from the hectic working life....if only there's another timezone outside of G MT, G MT +8, EST that allows me to join most events while I'm awake and not at work and had I known to pick a server in such a timezone....oh well...most of us started with a server that was auto picked for us and some just stick with it while others went on to new servers in timezones better suited for them...for me, EST has 90% of the events occuring while I'm at work while G MT+8 has about 70% of the events occuring while I'm at work even though I'm in the G MT+8 timezone...long working hours tend to hinder gaming time sadly...which is why MMORPG are usually more fun since you can play anytime you want without worrying about events (they rarely have events but if they do its mostly all day events...if only WT does the same thing to have events that can be done all day rather than at specific timings...other than CW of course...)
      IGN: Athena
      Guild: Warriors
      Server: S5 - Roaring Wetlands
      Class: Archer
      Difficulty Level: Noob
      BR: 176k / 180k (with block and hp astral instead of illusion and deflect =P)