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Wartune: PvP Mage

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    Originally posted by Fluxty View Post
    I can beat just about every archer and every knight on the server I play on (even some of the big cashers). You will probably reach this point as well.

    When everybody starts getting close to level 50, it's other mages you have to worry about.
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      what is your build in mage?


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        Originally posted by ProNab View Post
        is the healing really worth it in the higher lvls? or adding a lil pdef via academy all it takes to help even out the odds against archers/knights (Mainly Archers) Personally i don't have too much trouble with Knights, but dem crit Archers ._. woah do they crit....any advice on counter measures? or a good anti-archer build (if possible)

        P.S. have managed to deal with maybe 40-50% of Archers thx to academy high pdef and a few lv.2-3 pdef gems the rest are all m-atk and crit based
        just my point of view when 1vs1 against archer , u dont heal .. i do lvl4 rof and lvl3 meteor to wipe the troop faster+give more damage to archer and our troops can hit the archer ... here the pve and pvp build i make , if u dont like the sunto maybe u can get damnation , lvl50 skill tree

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