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Mage rage redux

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  • Mage rage redux

    Do you think you could have your programmers write in something a little more exciting than some boring old "chance of rage to be reduced". I mean seriously, this is the stupidest coded skill in the game in every single area. If you have identified that mages have a rage problem, then you should have adjusted it accordingly and given them something more effective like "target middle row and disable crit" or something USEFUL like HP INCREASE like every other class. "Chance of skills" suck because they are unreliable unless it is archer 100% chance to crit, that's a nice "chance of" skill, well done, now give your mages some love and tell your programmers, "NO, this skill/talent is boring and no one needs it if you've balanced the class' rage consumption properly".

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    you can't seriously be asking for mages to be made EVEN better than they are!