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Maybe it's just me.

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  • Maybe it's just me.

    I'd first like to start off by saying this is such a great, fun, and addicting game. The intro to it is so smooth. Even the newest players to RPG can begin to comprehend its structure. I love the gameplay and the quality of the artwork is magnificent.

    The development staff of the game sure does deserve a lot of support for working so hard(as I'm sure they have), however there is one drawback that stops me from investing into this. Straight to the point; I'm tired of games that constantly flash me the items that I "could" have. There have been numerous occasions where I feel like the developers are trying to get me to shove money down their throats. The game is great, don't get me wrong; just in my opinion is games like this never turn into something positively recognized.

    I'll finish on this note: I feel the game's developers have just as much greed as creativity, but eh we're all humans!