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  • Daily Event

    I am really de-motivated to play this game. Reason why? cause i can't attend all the event which is on the temple of ibalize server. Everyone is busy getting insignia to change equips but for us who can't attend due to time difference will only be weaker and weaker each day. Not only that, even the devotion point we can't get up to 95 to claim the last bonus pack. Yes, i know you guys have put on a GMT server but we couldn't just move to that new server as we have our things all on the current server. i wouldn't wanna start back from 0..

    Here is my suggestion,
    - The daily boss and arena event to be on every 12 hours once so that no matter people from any time zone will be able to attend.
    - If u can't do it all twice a day, at least you can held arena twice a day. One at 12p.m & 12a.m.

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    Can't agree more - arena daily quest should be twice a day, I play Worg Lair and I would be delighted if there were arena events 9AM and 7PM server time PLEASE CONSIDER THIS. Gear disproportions will fade.


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      Well if they placed it twice then they would either have to increase the items cost by almost twice as much or better yet you can only attend it once and this way the prices stay the same or only increase a little.


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        Let me explain: for me I can forget about arena because of my job. For example, this week I start working exactly the time when arena starts I will be far behind everyone else in a week or two, having a chance to obtain insignia only during weekends.

        Two arena events - in the morning and evening, only one can be attended during server day, adjusting prices is not a solution since it will increase the gap between everyone who finished his set and newbie. THAT'S A FAIR DEAL

        EDIT: I will spam this topic very well, I hope it gets sticky.