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FireFox not loading ingame?

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  • FireFox not loading ingame?

    Fire Fox, for me, has a habit of not loading inventory, astrals, or anything where it transports you to another room. Does anyone know
    any suggestions to make the loading faster? It takes up to 5 minutes to load the dungeons after I click ready and my team gets transported.

    If anyone else has this same problem, please add a pic of it. If you have any advice, post it below, thanks!

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    I have tried other browsers, but they aren't as fast as Fire Fox, but if you do recommend Opera, which for me is as fast as F.F, and has good loading, but becomes slower while playing a lot, please recommend something to make it stay as fast as possible, and for as long as possible, thanks.



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      chrome works the ebst for me,yeah having same problem lately only way i saw this beeing fixed is by waiting for it to be fixed


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        Chrome, for me works fine for 30 mins, but I do a lot of stuff where it has to load a bunch, and it starts slowing down. I am currently using Opera, as it preforms best. I will be getting a new computers with i7, so hopefully I won't have that problem anymore.


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          I had this problem as well on my old pc, I also received a lot of connection lost back then. But after I bought a new pc it seems I don't have problems with those 2 anymore...I just receive flashplayer problems. So maybe the pc is at fault as well


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            My PC isn't the BEST out there, but it's more than decent compared to some. I have good connection, nothing ever fails, well, maybe sometimes, but overall it's really good.
            I will be getting a PC with i7 soon, so wish me luck that everything will be fine after that!


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              I try Aurora from firefox. works amazing !!


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                Haha, never heard of that! XD


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                  I use ccleaner to clean my laptop regularly.

                  Be sure to right click and put memory of adobe on max.

                  other thing you can do is keep deleting browser history/cookies.
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                    Originally posted by Dazzlingbeauty View Post
                    I try Aurora from firefox. works amazing !!
                    Thanks! Checked it out, works better than Opera. :P