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Spire chests drops after 2.1 update

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  • Spire chests drops after 2.1 update

    Hi guys,

    sorry if it was answered already, but I couldn't find it. What drops from spire chests after update instead of 20 vouchers? Locked balens? and how many?

    Thanks in advance

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    2 bound balens. and other treasures are still same
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      Originally posted by TheJudge1 View Post
      2 bound balens. and other treasures are still same
      Thank you so much I didn't know if I should open my boxes, or wait until after update. After update seems a better idea if they have the same probability to drop
      Thanks again


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        Well yeah, if they drop 2 BB then hold on opening, as that's a 10:1 ratio compared to the 20:1 we're getting in the conversion.