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  • Chest Drops

    Seriously... I saw 8 free players getting fate stones and apollos from the free chest they get from the hot events. Is this R2's trick?
    Make the casher's drop rates REALLY low so they would spend more? Then make the non-casher's drop rates REALLY high so they would stick around?
    If so... then I'll just be a non-casher .-.

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    It's obvious that you're one of those new players on a new server, please get a grip on reality and start making sense.

    There's no conspiracy against cashers, if you don't want to spend anymore, you're welcome to do so.


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      Its all luck. They don't change drop rates for free verses cash players. Some peopl e will luck out and get it from a free cheet and some will buy 200 chests and not get one.