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bring tank times back to normal!

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  • bring tank times back to normal!

    As title says, I am just interested in seeing if the moving of tanks time is going to have any impact on the community:
    (the tank in question is the 2nd tank which has been moved from 21.00-21.30->21.30-21.55)

  • #2
    They should change morning one too if they want to punish those who leech the last 5 mins for a quick win.
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    • #3
      i like new time, tanks and WB close together is much better.

      I personally enter tanks in last 5 minutes, i don't "leech" anything. They're just too ****** boring to play for half an hour.


      • #4
        you can't enter in the last 5 min anymore anyway. Irritating, because a half hour of tanks is tedious as hell.


        • #5
          yea it sucks. Tanks are extremely boring. Tanks should be only like 15 min long at most. Split them into 4 times each day so there are more chances to get into one but only one counts for rewards. This way tanks might actually be decent to play in and everyone can make it. 30min of long tank battles is just ridiculous. Going be harder for me to get into one as well since I usually do BG then enter the last 5 min after BG but it's changed now.


          • #6
            i tried doing a quick join with 10 min left and that wouldn't work either

            really hope i don't have to do 30 min of tanks every day from now.


            • #7
              i can't enter to my hero it's stuk in a White screen .what's wrong plz help


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                • #9
                  Can you still leave without losing attempt? If so, it shouldn't be hard to organize quick wins for everybody.
                  Anyway if you can't join in last 5 minutes, then join at 6, no?
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