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Guild Battles: TOO LONG!

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    we won alot faster dide 2x normale damages we hold all 4 Tower other guild gote about 20pts maby normale ther get more but ther do less damage if ther dont hold any Tower i think.


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      Of course all the stronger/bigger guilds are loving the new guild battle system. But when it's the strongest guild vs a not so strong guild that won't be able to get towers, the battle becomes pointless. Yes prior to the update my guild would lose to the top 2 guilds well under 20 mins but at least then we were able to attack ward to get points w/o having towers. It gave us somewhat of a chance to last 20 mins for better rewards.


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        newer server one person over lvl 50. Held 4 towers entire battle with dozen or so attacking used 2 chariots and still couldn't win before time ran out. How are u supposed to score enough points to win?