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are you kidding me? this new wartne stinks

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    There be no point in having cloud city of they had no buildings there in the first place. Learn to actually deal with. Many mmos have such things. Is this your very first mmo? If not then a little bit of walking shouldn't bother you. Besides you can auto path everything so it isn't that bad. The main grudge you all have is the fact that it's changes the game a bit from what you once new. Most people do not like change at all. That is why they find ways to bash new things when they can. Learn to adjust or quit bc it's not going anywhere. The lag on the other hand I agree with you. It sucks and needs to be fixed. Once the lag is gone I am sure it won't be as bad as you all make it sound to be. Lastly, stop bringing up things like music from other games. We already know that this game has some exact copies of other games in it. Obviously it isn't an issue or they be sued by now. So no need to bring up **** like that. It's old now.
    Except most MMOs have the tendency to simplify things, like dungeon finder in wow.. whereas wartune is heading the opposite direction. Obviously players won't be happy.

    What about the boss fighting music?
    Hmm I don't usually play with music on, did it change?
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      Hmm I don't usually play with music on, did it change?
      No, but i just want to know who made the boss theme music.
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