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  • Stun

    The way stun is handled in the game needs to change. It is manageable up character lvl 60 or so but above 64 it is stupid. In bg stun lvl can be so much higher than those entering at lvl 65 that fights are a white wash and this is because HS rises so rapidly after 64. In these cases stun is guaranteed, often for 3 rounds. The result is that the person stunned gets almost killed before they can even have a turn and even then the other person is almost ready to use stun again. The same applies to arena. Here are my suggestions on how to deal with stun

    1) Stun probability: this should be more balanced such that anyone with stun should have the possibility to do so. The all or nothing approach is retarded. My suggestion is something like probability, p, of an effective stun is

    p = 0.5 (1 + tanh(d/nmax))

    where d is the HS difference between the players and nmax is a scale factor limiting the effectiveness - I suggest 10. So if the difference in HS level between players is 10 there is an 88% probability of success for the higher player and a 12% chance for the lower player. When HS is equal there is a 50/50 for each.

    2) Stun duration: Either an absolute limit of 1, or at least make 3 rounds extremely rare.

    I know R2 is only interested in profit so here is the motivation. Except for events that require bg kills I no longer enter bg: for the reasons above there is no point. Under the current system I will not do so until I am lvl 69 with HS near max. This will take at least 6 months to do and balens cant help this. Consequently there is absolutely no benefit to me to consider using balens for anything - I have 6 months to build my character stats, which means astrals, lvl 60 gear, enchantments, gems, etc, all of which are covered by standard game play. I cant be the only person that has come to this realization.

    Stun is the only reason some of the high lvl 70+ players beat obviously stronger players at lower lvls. Simply because their HS is a few levels higher

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    Looks like you really thought this through. Excellent as an suggestion that is, we'll just have to hope for it to be adjusted by the devs.
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      This thread been mention tons of times. I agree stun is OP and some where down the line of this update. Since this is just part I. HS probably will be nerfed like the Chinese versions. Note to any trolls or what not I said PROBABLY. That doesn't mean it will. It means it might so please instead of trolling my post read it. We may or may not get the nerf but seeing as there is at least another part or two to go there might be a nerf down the road. Then again R2 might not bring that part over here. Who knows. Anyways do not need to spam topics of this anymore. Search for the other ones and post in there. No need to have a billion threads about HS.