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2.1. Patch sucks!!!!

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  • 2.1. Patch sucks!!!!

    New update suck all that say it doesnt well come on really. Few reasons why:
    1. no bloodfang- only wb i did daily,

    2. other wbs give much less and mages somehow do worst in new wb. Old wb i was rank 4-6 new wb only rank 13 lol come on not so many stronger player did wb i was checking overall. I still was second best mage as before patch. I got 1,3M gold daru +0,63M rewards is 1,9M while old wb 2,2-2,4M + adding no bloodfang anymore suck a lot!

    3. Pets are up! *** is that **** morphing into pet doing overpowered damage if you already got lucky to got blue pet. I farmed 5 pets + got 3 from online bonus so far quess what all were white! Jupiiiii! If i fail to kill in 40s in bg i get ***** by blue pet(happened 3 out of3) from players i would win fairly easy!

    4. Vips got nice boosts while non vip like me will need 3-4weeks to spend all kyanite!

    5. Pet arena rewards are to huge!!! Seriously players get lucky to get blue pets and as reward for being very lucky they own pet arena and get insane better rewards to make them even luckier and stronger!!! Very awesome logic!!!!!!

    Other changes doesnt affect game much but those 5 seriously mess up months of playing. Seriously so far no other patch did such huge possible boost instantly for lucky players/vips!

    1. give away 1 hour vip card--vip have other benefits it woudnt kill you to make it a bit more fair.

    2. Increase drop rate of at least green pets. Come on green pet should have drop rate 25% seriously(for 60 essence exchange)!

    3. Decrease rewards in pet arena! Right now are insane high or change them to gold daru like in solo arena(better)!

    Have a nice day!
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    Pet arena rewards are perfectly fine it is. All these reasons you stated why the game "sucks" is just out of jealously and envious of others who are able to get higher quality pets than you do. None of this is really game breaking. Just another whine thread making a big deal out of a new change that isn't that bad at all. It takes time to get use to and you will eventually learn to adjust to everything. If not then you quit then. The only problem i find is the delays in skills and some lag spikes here and there. Other than that it isn't that big of a deal. Just a new mechanic that needs to learned. Keeps the game going fresh.


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      what sucks:
      • skill delay
        lots of extra lag
        cloud city - walking around and switching back and forth between town/city
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        this new update is horrible


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          Originally posted by qphantom View Post
          what sucks:
          • skill delay
            lots of extra lag
            cloud city - walking around and switching back and forth between town/city
          Only this sucks ... agree with you I'd only add that we have only 3 rows
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            Originally posted by Face-Star View Post
            Only this sucks ... agree with you I'd only add that we have only 3 rows
            that too !
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              Hmmm.. even though I'm below lvl 50, i don't find anything wrong with new patch, well with few exceptions. Cloud City is inconvenient at first, but I got used to it in 2 days. Also it's a big leap to future changes. R2 probably just don't wanna crowd everything up in the home city, and they might be preparing new stuff. Pet system is nice; it'll make me a lot stronger when I become lvl 50. The first WB will be replaced by a new event 'Gold Rush' btw.

              The few things I hate:
              - laggier
              - 2 rows in formation
              - more crystaloids in cata
              - skill reset price

              And the other changes is just for me to be acquainted with.
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                I agree that most of the 2.1 update sucks. Might be enough to make me quit playing the game.