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Can we get Blue Pet - Iris or pan from Sylph Atoll-

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    Originally posted by bshallc2010 View Post
    Yeah, grand plans for 6,000 essences ended when I finally cleared up a point of confusion...

    Maybe it was obvious to some of you, but I didn't realize that the chance for a green/blue was at the point of exchange, for the "?" seal to say uncommon or rare...

    So there I was, like a dummy, sitting on a pile of common "?" seals, thinking I was gonna open them all up at once like chests and be surprised...

    NOPE. Hello, new pile of common Pans. Back to essence farming...
    Oh wow. It's really stupid that you have to go through clicking the ? when it is determined what quality the moment you get it. It's not like there are other water/wind sylphs right? So why go through the ? when quality is determined the moment you exchange it. Like you, I thought that way too..


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      i found blue pan on second day, still farming iris, but traded in chest pieces for blue iris, now i just farm for sacrificing


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        I hit a total of 80 sylphs today and still all whites


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          How rare is it to find a blue sylph?


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            epic necro thread.

            anyway, it's around 1 of 1000 chance to get blue seals. maybe even lower.
            Originally posted by Wraithraiser
            Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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              I had a blue AQ drop before sylph refining became so easy to do. I have to admit I haven't been to the atoll for anything other than maps and MQs in weeks though.
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