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New Formations + Bound Balens

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  • New Formations + Bound Balens

    So far i have enjoyed the new patch and all it brings, however there are 2 major concerns I have and feel they should be adjusted...

    1. The New Formations: eliminating an entire row of the formation set up is the worst idea i have seen in this game. not only does it restrict players strategies but also blocks the vision to see other players HP bars and status effects. I do not see the reasoning behind this decrease in formation options. really is just all cons no pros on this one.

    2. Bound Balens: While being able to earn balens in game is prob the best thing to do, it is more limited than it should be. Some items in shop and other areas should be able to be purchased with bound balens, specifically warriors call and/or spirit covenant. I think the best adjustment for this would be have every item available in both Balens and Bound Balens, just have it cost mroe in Bound Balens (ex: 2x the Bound Balens). In addition, the cost for changing skills and talents is the exact same thing it was in vouchers but now in balens?! that doesn't seem right or fair at all. I had plenty of vouchers saved up in order to change my skills and talents, but now the conversion ratio of Vouchers to bound balens have left me lacking and now i cannot change my talents and skills. The cost in bound balens for these should definitely be lowered, better yet it shouldn't cost to reset skills and talents (at least make it cost Gold, something more obtainable)

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    buying all items in the shop is available but not on hot.also i noticed that levy and plundering gold?increased!!?