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earning of bound balens and gold...

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  • earning of bound balens and gold...

    its awesome that we earn double gold as compared to the previous patch but as we get more gold , the currency of wartune is changed into bound balens and the earning of bound balens is very rare hardly i can get 15 bound balens a day...
    although its good to earn double gold and we are able to buy anything with bound balens but when will we buy with bound balens ??? a socketing rod costs about 195 balens or bound balens but i hardly get 15 bound balens a day , how can i buy and how can i earn 195 BB's it will take many days and weeks to get that bound balens...
    i hope that u understand and take an action it to earn more bound balens...
    thank you

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    Use skeleton keys when blitzing.
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      what will skeleton key earn me ?
      hardly 2 BB's ... ??


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        blitz twilight sand i will get quite a good 30-60 per blitz not always tho
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          they should make it possible to earn them....
          atleast 150-200 everyday...