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Sylph arena

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  • Sylph arena

    I think its really silly that exp gained depends on whether you win or not. If I get to rank 5, I can only fight players at ranks 1-4, which all have 2 rare pets and I always lose against them, and end up getting half the exp I would get otherwise. It should either let me choose from a wider range of players, or give the same exp regardless of whether you won or lost.
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    You can fight players lower rank than you, but you won't get points. So make a choice.
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      it same like solo arena u choose 4 ....u win or loose


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        problem is... if you lose, you get minus points, thus bring your points and rank down, so it's a risk.

        I am currently at rank 6 (cause all TOP 5 have Apollo... can't win against cashers)


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          only top 5 have PF u lucky :P here like 20+ people have it an apolo is so OP in arena its ******** lol


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            I have buy 600 box for try get Apollo got like 70 for can buy pet rest has ben gold and daru, and for try collect pet man allways get white.

            The pet is impossibol to get higre and white for some people.
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