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LVL 5 gem scroll???

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  • LVL 5 gem scroll???

    i am new to this game. and i just got my first knight toon on level 45. i am reading forums ans blogs. since i started.. every where i read. level 5 gem are not for non casher before bound balan thou. not sure now. so i wanted to know. i got 3 scrolls with me.. not remember where i earn them. it says i have to get particular type of level 4 , 4*gems it will tell me how to make them level 5. what this scroll means. if i can't have level 5 gem without buying them.. am i wasting 3 .. valuable spots in my inventory.

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    If you have a gem transposer scroll, until you use it, you will not be able to synthesize the level of gem it's for.

    Thus, if you have a level 5 PATK transposer, until you use it, you won't be able to make level 5 PATK gems.

    If you have transposer scrolls in your inventory - I would advise using them.
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      use the scrolls, everyone receives free lvl 5 hp, mdef , pdef and patk/matk(depending on your class) transposers.


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        u can get level 5 gem sccroll free if u pass bloodlands well they give u free..