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Vouchers vs Bound Balens

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  • Vouchers vs Bound Balens

    This my suggestion to the community and of course R2.

    With the patch 2.1 we "lost" 1 of the things that would allow us to do some upgrades, reset mistakes from the past, I'm refering of course to VOUCHERS.

    R2 decided to take our vouchers away with the fair rate of 20:1; they also took the vouchers from our ancient tree.

    I ask R2, why the prices of the things/upgrades that required vouchers weren't reduced using the same rate of 20:1?

    Example: reset skills cost 895 vouchers now 895 balens, with 20:1 rate cost should be 45. And this is what I leave for the community to talk about.

    Should the cost of upgrades like open backpack, reset of skills/talents be reduced in the same rate of 20:1?

    Should we keep the tree of ancients gains as Kyanite + bound balens (with these with the rate of 20:1, reference the wins we had with vouchers)?
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    You can't do anything with that you know they are greedy so they don't care about players only there profit.. they can't even fix bugs and DC problems lags and freeze black screen that's why dont waste your time... i been through there before and im fed up already of there **...


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      SOME things decreased in cost compared to voucher costs - namely, soil upgrade. Currently costs very little compared to how much it used to.