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IMPORTANT! Need Server Merge on Snowcrest S351 PLEASE

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  • IMPORTANT! Need Server Merge on Snowcrest S351 PLEASE

    Hi R2,

    Really need a merge for server Snowcrest S351 for the following reasons;

    -There is only 1 main guild that has the majority of actives
    -There is not a lot of enemy people in wild to plunder for Kyanite
    -There is no competition left in Guild Battles because only 2 out of 8 of the guilds actually show up.
    (On our most recent Guild Battle there was 23people available for our Guild and only 8 available in the Enemy Guild)
    -It is quickly becoming more of a social server rather than a friendly competition to be the best
    -It is difficult to find people to attend Tower of Kings, Spire or Multi-Player Dungeons with because of so much inactiveness.

    Please Merge our Server quickly before it dies completely.

    I will be posting this thread on our Support Pages so you can see other people's views and ideas on how beneficial a merge would be for our little hardworking server.



    [S351] Snowcrest
    Name: Dumpers
    Guild: DarkLegion
    Class: Archer

  • #2
    Yes please merge this server soon. We all really need it


    • #3
      We need this!! and we need it badly!! And my only thoughts is to merge us with another server with people of equal levels. I don't think any of us would want to be merged with people who are level 80's.



      • #4
        Concur, a server merge is needed.


        • #5
          ummm, sorry to break it to you but until now I never saw a merge because players requested it here, nor an explanation why they won't receive it. It seems that there is an order for merges and every new server shall merge eventually. The requirements for merges are only a legend
          Last edited by Draggyy; 11-08-2013, 10:19 PM.


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            No harm in bringing it to the attention of the R2 staff though, Thankyou though Draggyy for your input

            [S351] Snowcrest
            Name: Dumpers
            Guild: DarkLegion
            Class: Archer


            • #7
              server merge now

              we in s351 are tired of going without a merge is imminent and we would appreciate if it happened sooner than later.!!!!!!!!


              • #8
                More important merges are needed than you sorry to say that. Many people from much older servers need merges badly. You guys are still a pretty new server so you can wait a bit longer. Besides I doubt R2 will even do merging. The last merge they did was like a month ago. It seems they don't care about merging anymore. They rather you just stop playing your current server when it dies and start a new and cash even more. Then rinse and repeat.


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                  We want server merge!!!!!!!!!!!


                  • #10
                    yes we do need it very much
                    Server: snowcrest [s351]
                    TOON NAME ;Mohammed
                    Guild : DarkLegion
                    Battle Rating : 217k
                    mega free player non casher


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                      Support! Also I was told by an r2vet to post here because his boss told him that this is what needed to be done.


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                        Im on 353 and everyone is begging for a server merge as well. I think we will get merged with 351, if a merge ever happens. 353 is down to less than 70 active players now..about 22 in my guild and 25 in the rival guild and a few just out there in other tiny guilds. We are waiting for a merge. If it happens, Redemption will welcome any guild to merge with us. We are lvl 10 and the GM is a top 5 player on the server. Arrogance is the only other major guild on the server and their GM isn't near the top 10 and Is 10+ lvls behind the leaders. Think about it if the merge happens and you want to come join a great group of people..>REDEMPTION!!!!!!!
                        Kabam S61
                        GM of LoonyTunes
                        Balenor's #1 GM
                        Balenor's Sweetheart