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  • Download a launcher

    I come here in the forum to give my suggestion about an idea I had that might bring us some benefits, I wanted you guys play wartune stay closer to new sugestoens tickets and this new patch 2.1 is pretty much over his faults came together with the game .
    So please fix the bugs.

    So let's my idea: make a page where you can download the game launcher wartune always well updated it would be better for us, that the game itself would be faster

    I am Brazilian and I do not know how to speak English and do not understand what my friends say, had one thing in the game that helped us to translate large texts was the fact that copy and paste this in google translator and the new 2.1 patch was removed me I feel very hurt that you guys wanted to put back into the chat please.

    This is the page of the online Portuguese legend
    Look who has the launcher to download the game is what we want
    Click image for larger version

Name:	launcher do legend.jpg
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    We have requested this tons of time, but it seems it was too much effort for r2. other wartunes already has this, but somehow R2games persistent on not launching it,
    for a company that gained huge profit from their customer, r2games surely has awful customer support.
    Originally posted by Wraithraiser
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      nice suggestion clarck... i 2nd it....


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        Good suggestion. This will reduce lag... I 3rd it...
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          hey friends hope you watch this and my suggestion is very good and really help us


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            Good suggestion! clarck, I agree with u

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              This suggestion already posted plenty of times, i suggest you should try to search the previous threads before posting a new one with same topic.
              R2 never cared, what makes you think they will care this time? If they really wanted to release the launcher, they should have released it around the same time with ************/proficient city's mini-client.


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                Nice suggestion cuz after patch the lag is insane :X.


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                  Well china and other server (except r2) do provide player with launcher.

                  Below a picture that my friend who play in china server give to me, showing them playing wartune in launcher.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	launcher.jpg
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ID:	1677891

                  Most player in china use this. If they using normal browser, they do suffer from lagging issue like us.
                  But with the launcher everything went so smooth. And zero lag.
                  R2 should really consider this. If they really care with their customer(which is us;-)
                  R2 - s227 (Gilwater)


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                    ooh i so want that!


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                      I really want to see this implemented.. i for one have spent a few thousand on this game and recently i have started to realise it could all be a waste if the lag keeps going the way it is. My computer is more than capable of running this yet i lag so hard in tok/mp and now even the damn spire. I cut back spending after the recent events r2 messed up and it will stay that way until this game becomes fun again. I like patch 2.1 , the sylphs are different but fun, but they must sort the lag out and give us this option for a client d/l.


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                        Yeah R2, get this. If it's really problem for all sites this lag, you must get client. or you will lose 50% of your players.


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                          sadly i checked the loader from 7road ... they don`t load the things into your pc ... not all btw. so not a great improvement .. but a slight one. (symedia)