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leveling up sylph

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  • leveling up sylph

    I feel stupid for asking this, but I have been fighting with my sylphs in the arena, and I notice some people have a much higher br on their sylphs, is there a trick or are they just engulfing a lot of sylphs to get the sepulcrum things? I don't want to battle unless I think i can win, but am I hurting myself by not battling the apollo ones?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Their sylphs must be a higher level than yours. You level them by gaining exp. So if you want yours to be stronger: start gaining exp.
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      Lvling gives more br, and adding attributes through sepulcrums, you can vieuw them in arena too see how strong their pets are also, so look which you can actually beat.
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        In a way you could say it depends on the sepulcrum. A white starts with X base, green with 1.4X, blue 1.7X etc... (so a white that's been spent 100s, possibly 1000s of sepulcrum is equal to a green)
        The reason some sylphs are much stronger than yours, is probably because they are rare (blue) and as such their stats is a lot higher then those of a white/green quality... comparable to the bounty quests.