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Apollo drop rate

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  • #16
    Im from 338 bought 190 boxes 2 apolo and 2x fate stones its oke xD


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      lol there is a player in my guild who bought 1000 chests and he still has no apollo seal


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        Where did you get that much free chests?

        You only get 1 a day, and that's 5

        Don't tell me you got 2x 200 fate stone and 2x apollo just from 5 chests?

        BTW... someone on my server said he got apollo from a drop killilng iris, true or false?
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          The randomization is definitely screwy.

          I've got a total of 240 Chests across 2 days and in them got 2 Rare Apollo and 8 x200 Fate Stones. Took me from L3 Brutal Edge to L10 along with the Chest Pieces. I also got a Blue Iris via farming them on my 4th turn in. Not that I'm complaining mind you... But some people in my guild have been buying 200 Chests Daily and still only have 1 Apollo and have essentially resigned themselves to exchanging for the Epic when they have enough chest pieces.

          On the side-note of Epic (Purple) Iris and Pan drops - that is completely unconfirmed at this point as the only person to post any "proof" of it is a known photo-shopper who likes to stir up controversy. He's the same guy who told people he had all the L70 Items and L12 Gems - meanwhile moderators confirmed his account didn't link to any Wartune Characters, so he was spoofing.