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Why can't we...

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  • Why can't we...

    Why do we have to go to Cloud City to do things we used to do from Home City?

    Arena? Bounty?, Hall of Heroes?

    Why can't we get to those things from both places?

  • #2
    it probably tries to force you to get used to cloud city. If you could acces them all from the city you wouldn't really have any reason to explore and get used to cloud city, wouldn't you?


    • #3
      So, the developer releases new content, and they think they need to *force* players to explore?
      What game have you EVER played where you didn't go to every nook and cranny of new content?


      • #4
        then the players would had complained that they know nothing about the cloud city and everything changed all of the sudden, making 50%-50% makes you understand both. Anyway that is just my guess


        • #5
          because cloud city in chinese version supposed to have more functionality than ours, our wartune now took many features off from cloud city

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