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Kabam S-12 Server Merge

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  • Kabam S-12 Server Merge

    All the high players are in 2 guilds on Kabam s12, and there is hardly any other guilds that have active players. There was a forum mention of a merge with Kabam s14 on 6-6-13, but never happened and no moderator or anyone ever posted why it didn't happen.

    Link to the forum mentioning the merge:

    Would really like to know If, or when there will be a server merge. Thank you.
    Brand SharpWits
    Mage and Archer on Kabam S-12

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    sorry to break it up to you but people from s1-s200 r2games servers are asking to be merged everyday around here, + some others that considers they are playing on 'dead servers'. That still didn;t happened, and no explanation
    Sorry to hear that you need a merge because I know the chances of old servers to receive one is close to 0