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Guild Battle takes longer.

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  • Guild Battle takes longer.

    Hao2end before 20 minutes.

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    if ur guild is big enough/strong enough u can capture all 4 towers and then hammer the ward. my guild finishes GB in around the same amount of time if not faster


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      10 mins took us this week vs the 2nd strongest guild of our server, we took the 4 towers and bashed their ward, it was a bit ridiculous lol


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        Ah. Before the big ole' update, we couldn't finish in 20 minutes but were close enough.
        We're still a "new" recent server "S375". Currently, we're the strongest guild with most of the strongest players but now it takes us the whole hour to finish GB. (Server's highest level is 50 with 32k BR, so yeah, new)
        We do manage to always get the wards, letting every other guild get at least 10 points. We also bash the Ward as hard too but we're not nearly getting the usual 100's+

        Does the ward have more HP now oooooor? Whats changed.


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          I am from s371 and yes, before the update we needed 30 minutes to finish the gb, now we need 58-60 minutes.
          The ward doesn't have more points but for the newer servers the points from the tower were esential. Now we don't have that points anymore, and the 100% doesn't really helps our petty damage. As for the older servers they have such high players that they even begun to ignore the towers because the points from the tower weren't a big deal. They where aiming to destroy the ward. Now they have a reason to ocupy the towers again, same as we do as well. This update even though I don't like it being on a new server, it certanly made those towers useful for everyone again lol
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