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Double skills??

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  • Double skills??

    What they are.. if i use 995 balans. will i get every time 2 skill points or one time only.

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    It's double skill tree map. meaning you have same points, but now you have 2 pages of skills instead. Skill points is still the same each page.

    to explain this easier, imagine you have 10 skill points. in your first page you have lvl 4 arrow strike, lvl 4 dual shot, and lvl 2 delphic sniper. on page 2 you have lvl 5 arrow strike and lvl 5 dual shot. You can switch the skills pages to suit the situation more. for example PvE archers will focus on debuffs, and PvP archers will focus on offensive skills like lunatic fire and bloodthirsty strike instead. with double skills now you can have both skill set, you just need to switch them on the situation.
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