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What i like and what i hate bout new patch.

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  • What i like and what i hate bout new patch.

    What i hate about new patch :
    1. long time to login.. and even its stop for a long time.
    usualy i need 2 minutes to login in previous patch, but right now i need more than 5 min to login, sometimes i need to relog again to make sure it work.
    2. Stuck everywhere.
    u atck mine, u got stuck. u plunder, u got stuck. solo arena, duel, wb etc... u got stcuk everywhere. and u need to relog just to get out from there.
    3. slow respond everytime u go to other page. sometimes u got stuck instead.

    what i dont like, but still can accept it.
    1. no bloodfang T_T
    2. u cant do double atck at wb.
    3. no voucer inspiration (ofc, no voucer anymore )

    what i like in new patch :
    1. slyph sistem is a nice think.
    2. adv academy = awesome !!!

    Things disturbing that i found :
    1. u got autokick everytime u finish spire. and the game still consider u in the room. (u cant enter another room again, bcoz its says that u still in a room)
    2. when u blitz solo champaign and u leave. u lost all ur stamina u use for blitz, but u get no reward for it. (u cant blits and then disconnect).

    please fix about somethink that make this game become slow or stuck and some bug that bring unpleasant experiance in this game.
    thank you

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    Double attacks in wb are now EASIER than they were before. The only time I have ever missed is because I was focussing on chat or lag problem. If double attack has failed you are doing it wrong. Most probably you are anticipating: dont. wait until your toon has started to move.


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      double attack is gone


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        Originally posted by deathrider726 View Post
        double attack is gone
        @muzza, double attack differs from everyone. May be easier for you, but harder for some others >.>

        @deathrider, double attack is not gone, the pets have a huge impact on the DA thing. Just un-equip your pet and it will improve better
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          what i like,
          1. no bloodfang
          2. u cant do double atck at wb.[Archers ]
          3. no voucer inspiration[Again archers ]
          4.Cloud City
          5.Gold Rush[when ever it come]
          6.Emotion icon in PM

          Don't like
          1.Apolo Pet[yeah a noob with violet(epic) Apollo took my 52K HP >< wth]
          I'm Cupcaked ! My Account got hacked and some cupcaker sold every thing. Blah !!!
          and R2 Not helping with restoring the account. Sweet, This is what i put tons of money here .