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    hm... i use engulf option, and it sux... i had an lev 33 pan, and i decidet to give the exp to another 1, to an iris... and i lost alot of exp from it, coz, iris got exp from pan to complet it's next lev... i thought it will get all pan's exp but not... and now i have to start all over with my 3th sylph... that realy sx, and u guys sould say this is going to hapend... if this is how is sopouse to hapend, egulf option is useles, if what hapend to me, is not corect, pls tell me how to fix this...

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    and again, i posted from wrong account... the problem with engulf, i have it at thsi, at MaaSE


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      you will get only half of the exp and im pretty sure thats what it says in the ingame help too
      also keep in mind that the first 20 or 30 lvls take very few exp so if you, lets say engulf a lvl 30 pet and give its exp to a lvl 40 pet it wont get many lvls


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        It tells it clearly what will happen when you check the information:

        Click image for larger version

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        I'm afraid there is no option to fix this.
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          Engulf will only donate 50% of the secondary sylphs exp. I would only suggest using engulf if you get a hivher quality version of the sylph you have. For example if you found a green rarity pan you would feed your whjte rarity pan to it. The le ek would not end up being the same but it wojld be stronger. In any other case you won't get much benefit.


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            yeah,,, thx for intel... now i can die happy )) the conclusion, egulf is useles...


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              Not totally useless.

              If you have a high level white, but got a green.

              Engulf the white into green, even at lower level,t he green will still have higher stat than the white.

              IE: level 30 green = level 40 white

              The only reason you won't do engulf is probably for the event, to level the white to 45 first before you engulf it.


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                can i engulf a green into white and get a green?
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                  Originally posted by bossman8167 View Post
                  can i engulf a green into white and get a green?
                  No .