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? Merging Servers ?

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  • ? Merging Servers ?

    one question: with all the servers that have less then 50 guilds that even register in BR or have any rating, why would R2 keep making these new servers and merging them together rather then trying to fill those already here?

    Figured I would ask because it really does not make any sense. When you think about it, many would rather quit then join a new server and start over, especially those of us that have been here from very close to the beginning. I tried going to another server, I quit there, came back to my 2 main servers (S16 and S111) and plan on staying there, as with many who are here. Just something that maybe R2 should think about since it seems the new servers are not up long before they have to merge them together.

    I mean there are 63 new servers S288+ that are being merged into 21, why does this make sense to R2/wartune? I understand they may be looking at the money that could be brought in, but can that same money not be brought in by keeping the servers you already have and fixing the issues rather then bringing in more serves, in hopes they do not have those issues, only to find it still is not working.

    Seems simple enough, fix the issues with your current servers and you would not lose players, and just might make a bit more money since they would be making the players happy; when people are happy they tend to spend more money, am I not right? Just a thought

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    They make money from new servers. that is why. R2 does not care about its playerbase lol


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      yeah, well they would make more if they would just stop bringing out new servers for a while and fix the ones they have


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        "Strange things happen to those who don't drink Wilkins."


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          LMAO .. funny, to bad it is so close to being the truth lol