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    mage santoria, knight use brutality + aoe then you bless light the troops then he transforem and use the 2 skills (second 1 big aoe)

    even after blessed light + santoria the troops will be dead i am not talking about lvl 75+ troops...

    normal troops at 65-70 etc.. (thats with full academy + advanded academy + 200% boost)


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      Mages salty tears make a poor Archer happy!
      - Very helpful site for new players


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        It is because of Iris and Apollo that makes "mdef" stat very very important now, especially for knights..

        Iris are a quick finisher for a knight to knight battle, as well as archer..

        But Iris againsts mage? Well... Considering you started the battle without awakening points, i think it is not really good to use Iris against a mage...

        As for the advanced academy, well, it sucks that if you are a level 59, 3 slots are still not unlocked, add to that the fact that each slots can only be upgraded up to 20 (if you're under 60), so I think there is being no unfairness here.