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Level 3 Wings + Leve 1 wings if done fail synt, any luck to get level 4 ?

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  • Level 3 Wings + Leve 1 wings if done fail synt, any luck to get level 4 ?

    same as above the question remain same :P

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    if you fail to synthetize level 4 wings how can you obtain level 4 wings? it's a nonsense. you could get a new look to your level 3 wings, but this is where the fun stops.
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      I don't even understand what is going on in here.
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        well, i guess we can say that the opening post was.... *puts on sunglasses* ... kathastropix. YEAAAAAHHHH!
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          lol, what you want to ask ? that you have level 3 wings and level 1 wings and you want to synth. them, as a fail synth ??
          your ques is totally confusing o_O..
          well in that case, i did once got new look thats it don't know about obtaining +1 to your current level of wings
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            if u do tht, its 1000% fail, lvl 3 wings n lvl2 wings is fail 100%... lvl 3 n lvl 3 is fail 50%, with out charms ofc.


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              Lvl 3 wings + Lvl 1 wings = poor chance .... if you extremely lucky you might get lvl 4 wings out of it
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