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Made the game off balance by far!

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    Originally posted by Nindubz View Post
    As opposed to what, charging everyone $10 - $20 a month to play? then all these "none cashers" wont have any game to play.... Or make everythign free, servers cant be maintained, game shuts down.

    Stupid people be stupid, no point trying to reason with them.
    Thumbs Up.

    I think they are saying that server will survive with 10-20 per month from 100 players.

    Server running cost = free
    Workers = free
    Customer Service Officer = Free
    Electric City = Free
    Web hosting = Free
    Everything = Free

    Then why open a company? go open a charity firm and play please.
    R2 is a company not a charity. Maybe they can make it more balance but overall they still need to pay workers electricity bills and licensing ship rights to 7Roads.
    How much they earn is their business and what to show their shareholder also their business.The way you saying is like they owe you to make it free to play and bear all those costthemselves because its a free to play game. Go buy ps3 and buy some games title which can last u a year or too its better this way.
    Pay to win games will always thrive regardless u like it or not. if u like you can go buy r2 shares if you think they earn alot per year and watch it grow. I find it amusing if those spent 10-20 per month and want to rule people who spent more or complaint when they got outspent.
    Eventually cashier just get the eqs and items faster than non cashier thats all. Only mounts are forever no ending.

    Fate will be max at 20.
    Eq will be max at 80
    Pets will be max at transform to a higher type.
    Gems i doubt people will go beyond lvl 8.

    eventually you will catch up just that it takes longer. Only lose out on the mounts. But seriously if cashier pay that much and no advantage why pay? LOL
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      Originally posted by R214942691 View Post
      wall of useless text
      Mr(s) Archer with 129k BR (Athena I assume), would you have spent tons of money if the rewards for spending weren't huge advantages for your character? There are plenty of games that do not offer advantages through donations, specially not gear, but players still donate. Would you have bought level 7 clothing and level 6 wings if they were only for show? I don't know what games have you been playing, but clearly not many.
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        no..thats arrow

        hi arrow