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    Never using pvp set since 40.Pve is just too much to be replaced
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      sorry,, but im so boring toget pve set,, as knight im enjoy pvp set. Im hopefully that pvp earlier release than pve80,,, do you read this gamemaster?


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        It's useless to make this suggestion here. Make it in 7road with that chinese language.
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          Originally posted by Belhor1993 View Post
          Actually pvp set is better because of the armor ignore. If you have 55th and you fight with someone who got 50th you'll win, his only bonus is a little more patk/pdef and more rage, your bonus is 2000 armor ignore. If he set 2 delph he won't be able to use shield or aoe so i still don't dare to imagine what such set would cost because there will be even more armor ignore.
          Edit: Naveron is right.
          Hello??? Pve set will give you extra socket, so your defense will be much stronger..... Pvp can only socket 3 gems, while pve can socket 4 gems, so pve will give you either more hp, or more mdef, or more pdef than pvp set... You should have thought of that.

          Add to that the fact that the random stats given by a "LEgend pve set" is greater (yes, greater) than the pvp set by "a decent amount", which makes you stronger.

          Also: Have you noticed the "200/300/500 bonus damage" of the pve set??? Have you ever thought about how that works? It means that every hit you make is incremented by an exact amount of 200/300/500 damage, not reduced.... Imagine using a whirlwind which hits 3 times.. If you have a legend 50 set, you'll do an additional 900 damage.... A Delphic Destroyer would make an additional 1200 pure damage.... Now, think about that in wb... Wb has no defense, so basically, ignore defense does not work out, and you'll be doing more damage in wb (thus more gold and daru) using a pve set rather than pvp set.

          As you can see, the reduce damage of the pvp set is counteracted by the extra socket of the pve set... You socket more gems, you increase your survivability... So that means, pve is not only good at wb, but also in bg and gb, as well as duel and 3v3 arena, where player to player combat is happening.

          Add to that the rage... Imagine, you currently have 80 rage. You delphic, then after a "normal attack and a slasher", you can already use whirlwind, which means you are more versatile... Or imagine, you have have 50 rage. You whirlwind, then a "normal attack, then slasher, then brutal rune", you can already use a delphic, then you kill the enemy more easily... Can you do that to a pvp set?

          Originally posted by Naveron View Post
          well i've got my 60 leg set & i still don't want 65.

          pvp set only good for knights because they have passive skill that gives them 10 rage for each action.
          I would say having a pve set for knights is better... A knight with a pve set would do a VERY VERY GOOD TANK (OFFENSE AND DEFENSE) in a 3v3 arena... A knight with a pve set would not worry to much at the skill "Intercept" of the opposing team, since after 1 and a half turn (normal attack, slasher, brutal rune), he/she can immediately cast whirlwind.... A knight with pve set will not be paralyzed at the start of the game.. But what about the knights with only pvp set? He'll be paralyzed, and will already lost a lot of hp before he could do an overall damage to the team.. A knight with a pvp set might have be a good defender when hit by Intercept, but he'll not be a good attacker... With pve set, he could be both a defender and an attacker.

          Conclusion: PvE is the better than PvP, in all aspects of game (except tanks, lol) - wb, gb, bg, arena, mpds, cata, etc.


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            nobody only noobs use PVP set everybody use the PVE set
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              You might ignore 2000 pdef, but spending most of the fighting building rage to do a delphic only to hit a players troops, or have the player use a heal rune to recover. As an archer i can do 4x Armor Piercers to reduce defense and use in delphic in the time it takes a PVP player to get rage for delphic.


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                PvP set main charm(+30 starting rage) is moot when they introduced the clothing system. Back in the day, PvP set actually worth using in GA if you are under lvl 60.
                Originally posted by Wraithraiser
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                  there is no PvP set for lvl 65, and it useless anyway if come, lvl 60+ mp need alot of rage that u need PvE set, not count tok and spire that need rage, so really its useless and will never come ever.
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