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s349 mythgrove need merge ASAP

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  • s349 mythgrove need merge ASAP

    Hello, my sever s349 mythgrove really does need a merge! it is dead so if you could do something please merge us with another server would be much appreciated

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    Hi Sir,

    kindly give us a server merge too. server s349 here. we're hoping for new players to join us and more events to come. it has already been quiet in our server. give us atleast a server with players whose level are 30 and above. thanks.


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      yea the server is mostly dead we have maybe 45 regular players if that and most of us at the top are getting bored...i know a couple people have quit the game entirely because theres nothign left for them here and they already dumped enough cash into thier account and dont want it to happen a merge would be much apreciated D