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[Suggestion] Blessing wheel -- animation

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  • [Suggestion] Blessing wheel -- animation

    My suggestion:

    Stop the blessing wheel animation. We click, and it shows us the result instantly.
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  • #2
    and add perhaps a button to use all the kia you need to reach 200%
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    • #3
      What's the problem of wasting 2 mins of ur time to boost ur stats ... Think about it
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      • #4
        Seriously, that silly thing spins way too long. It's annoying. Just click, and get the results a second later.


        • #5
          agreed its too long
          Sarcasm Intended


          • #6
            Agree with Condor click and bam shows result click again bam new %.


            • #7
              yes its so annoying. remove the animation please.. or at least make it faster
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              • #8
                yea i was thinking the same thing instant
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                • #9
                  it seems they made it much longer after the patch. before the patch it was quite fast. Now its taking 50% longer to show the results...seriously they should stop wasting our time with all these nonsense...
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