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Few Suggestions, mostly complains

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  • Few Suggestions, mostly complains

    Start playing this game after seeing the wartune add on many sites, and i said to myself, let's try this one too, maybe will worth my time and not be like the others i played and be a total dissapoint after a few patches. WRONG!!! Not only that, but you guys who keep making these errors, messing things up with almost everything making this game hardly playable. I have no idea with what to begin due too many flaws.

    First of all, congrats on the new patch release

    - When u release a new patch please give a ****** about the lag that might come with it, and fix right away if more then 10 players complain about it, what happened with the customer is always right?
    - Battleground: very funny matching system, sucks bad, but what can you do, when ur hero get matched in a 65-69 bg and your only 60? May happen twice, we might have events quests like bg kills, but who gives a ****** really? Obviously not you! Oh and the lag after the patch is worse then ever in BG. U have -50% speed without the cart, add with the cart get mega turtle speed....0.0001 mph. Hilarious
    - World Boss: Sylph's animation messed up the double hits or you guys planned that all along. LAG LAG LAG if you don't have a super computer or a badass speed connection, coz you need too for an online flash game, u need a idk N.A.S.A. computer? for a FLASH GAME, are u for real?
    - Divine altar: U need to fix it, has some glitches like some monsters may appear invisible, and sometimes when u freeze the timer they keep moving, unless u guys are willing to give our wealth back for a skill that doesn't work.
    - ToA(Tree of Ancients) - When a server reach a certain time, oh let's just be honest, ppl go away for better games coz they got sick of you guys ** them over and over, the server becomes inactive, i am right? ofc i am. Is best to adjust the exp from 10 to 10 counts, not starting from 30. Who ever gets 30 when the server is inactive, all combine and you don't get that many ppl inside.
    - GB - The legendary Guild Battle: What can i say, beats all the other events, oh no comes 2nd at lag issues, another event had the honour getting 1st rank. Fix the Lag. The new patch is fair-ish, if you got the luck to be in the top guild u have nothing to worry about, the GB will last a few minutes.
    - And the winner is ..... TOK, ofc....omfg, don't have enough words for it. The Lag is infernal, 3-4 battles refresh, 3-4 battles, refresh.....coz the lag isn't fustrating enough, u have to refresh unlimited times for your skills to be used faster. Nice touch with the new patch, now the normal ToK is harder then ever, you wanna try to adjust the enemy side just a little, last time i fought 3 had apolo wings with 3 epic apolo....and before the patch with my team i coulded go till stage 5, not anymore thank you, stage 3 is enough.
    - Spire: Not much to say, just the lag issues that comes with the patch, that needs to be fixed.
    - Tanks: How about some new tanks? Past lv 13. And WTH happen with the runes drop, i thought that will get fixed with the new patch, chances of dropping healing/blood runes are 0.001%. Not to say, but i have too, before the previous patch all that got those runes and more, are OP in BG,GB, War Class.
    - Arena party: gets 3rd rank for lag. Oh and the matching awful, once u hit lv 60, there's no turning back, say bye bye to a winning streak in arena party. Used to be 2nd place for a main collection of insignias, well not anymore thank you.
    ** Returning a bit to Tok/Spire....In some cases we need to help other to do those and we can't coz only 1 attempt and no posibility to join them. Is that hard to make it so, like the MPD works, i mean you guys are aces in deceiving people, this little thing will be like taking candy from a baby. If you try u can.
    - MPD - Lag ofc LOL. And reaching a certain level along the way, say 40+ the drop rates on mats for synthesis sets are a JOKE! i made over 50 mpd's so far at lv 60 one, and got ******. What? Do i need to make more? Just delete those pics for those mats if they don't exist anymore, and stop playing with ppl hopes. Some of you will say you got 1 or 2, good luck, that's all u get. Rare ocassions for a few people, but to keep a server happy u need a lot more then a few people, i am right? ofc i am.
    - Wheel of Fate - Hmmm, a more apropiate name will be Casher's Wheel. Spin and 1, and 1, and 1, want more? buy balens.....80% even if u do buy a spin with 30 balens, u get 1 fate stone....nice touch.
    - Guild Wheel - there are 12 things on that wheel, and few don't belong there like
    *Daru: most of the times u get 2k or 5k Daru, utterly a rig, you get more from wild mobs, or stealing other ppl farms.
    *EXP: Let's see, u need a lv 13 now to join a guild after the new patch, from EXP books u might get 500, 1000 or 5000. Are you ***** kidding me? What the hell should u do with that? Waste of spins, waste of gold contributed to the guild. Remove it.
    *Potions/Scrolls: OK, as an archer or a knight yes intelligence potions or matk scrolls are very usefull and for a mage the power potions and patk scrolls are usefull aswell. U might wanna change that, it get's really fustrating sometimes, i mean you guys develop the game, does an archer use matk?
    How about adjusting it to a class variety, archer get what archer's use, mage and knight too. OK?
    *Gold: usefull same as daru.
    ** How about instead of these 4 put something for this new patch: Some sylph's exp scrolls? Some sepulchram? Essences? Signets?
    - Arena Shop: If u can buy endurance, why not add charisma or defense potions aswell? and a lv 4, a lv 5? It's our insignias that will be spend. A fair amount of insignias for lv 4, lv 5.
    - Guild Shop - From where to begin? Well with the lag nowadays if you can make most of the events ur good, if not donating is pretty slim, and if u do have a lv 10 guild shop good-luck getting the mount or trying to get those 5 leg stones u need. Because they costs so little. You need 50 mil gold for the mount card, and much more for leg stones.'s bloody fantastic
    - Arena Solo - So after the fight, the reward is auto and random....and in most of the cases sucks, coz u only get gold or daru....what happen to my choice? At least i had no one to blame if i got gold or daru, now i can do just blame the smart person who thought auto rewards will do justice.
    - Sylph's - Arena - Well kinda goes like this, if ur a hardcore spender and u already got 3 rare apolo u can stay in top ranks for a long long time, and it gets better, not only u are already OP, but ur RARE Apolo who is too OP it gets more OP for those stats he's receiving after each week. So, nice touch making the stronger players untouchable, instead making a fair game for weak ones/low levels.
    - Sylph's - Exchange - Yes the lag get's in my we need to kill 60 of those little ****** for 1 exchange with very low drop rates of getting an uncommon or rare. Aren't 60 too much? And you can't even go afk like in solo campaign, u need to fight it, also no exp, just losing hp every time. And for what? A hope some day in maybe next year u will get an uncommon pet after exchanging over 100 times? Hell no, waste of time.
    - New locked Balens: good for shop, bad for: 20:1 vouchers, seriously? Reset skills or talent same as before? Who in his right mind will spend 899 locked balens for those resets? Isn't a bit off? How about u make the exchanges suit for vouchers, was 899 vouchers before, with 20:1 ratio, how many locked balens will it costs? Come on is not rocket science.
    - Server Merges - Rewards - Most of the cases i read on forum, people are complainig about the delay you guys are giving away those rewards, who you guys posted out in the first place, after the 7th day we give the rewards to blah blah blah....Sure you do, and my name is Santa Claus and i can fly. Is not our problem you guys are busy with other things, when u post something, do it. And please fix the lag after the merge, with this new patch....will be hell on wartune.
    Congratiolations so far, achieving zero respect from players who spend a lot of cash/time in this game. U probably noticed more then half quit the game due the lag or other crappier releases before/after the patch. Your doing a fine job destroying this game. Keep that up!! *thumbs up*

    **sylph's - add some new goals for killing these sylph's, it get's boring without a goal, like we have bg/arena kills, sylph's killed 1k/10k/100k...and some titles according to it
    **shadow soul - after the dragon mount, for what we suppose to collect the shards? how about some new mounts....
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    I want to add the amount of bound balens dropped from mystery boxes. I am getting ten times less than I was before.
    fight, all the way to the end, even if it kills you.


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      about the guild blessing wheel, the whole thing is you are gambling the 20k gold to get an item, sometimes you get something good sometimes you don't. i get often 50k/100k gold from a spin and that right there gives me 5 free spins which i often get at least 1 item that shows in world chat (whip/rod/lvl3 gem) not to mention bounty scrolls and shadow crystals are good

      60 kills for the sylph exchange is a bit annoying but now there is a chance of capturing it without killing it, so its more like 40 kills, and i was lucky the first Pan i got was green and i like it a lot. just keep trying and you will get a good one im sure and if not well just level up the free iris you get at the start thats what i did and it is even stronger then my Pan.
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        -having lag after the patch is a given, all the patches came with it
        -the bg system is actually a 50%-50%, yes you'll get crushed while you are that lvl 60, but you shall be 65-69 as well and you shall crush poor little lvl 60 as well won't you?(in case you decide to keep playing). Its more of a 'endure to be crushed and you shall be able to crush as well later' system. Endurance is the key
        -the sylphs was expected to come since most of what the chinese server has shall come to us eventually as well, I am not sure how is the dh on the chinese server though
        -gb the main sourse of hate on a server, the place where people shows their true faces, and what they are willing to do in order to win
        -mpd, well I guess they didn't wanted players to 'finish' the game, since the max set is/was lvl 70, and some people already started to work on it even so. I believe the lvl 80 set shall be implemented soon if not already (hadn't checked). Maybe they shall make the lvl 60-70 more accessible then
        -tok/spire I don;t understand why they don't allow us to help either. Weaker persons getting more because they are helped by the stronger ones?lol isn't it the same in mpd and arena?quite a big fuss about them, and many people are against the 'we should be able to help without att' idea
        -guild wheel, well it is a wheel lol. You can't win all the time, sometimes the gold invested is not worth the effort, sometimes it is. It depends on you on how lucky do you feel
        - actually archers/knights do need int pot and viceversa for the defense. ok, you don't need one or 2 types of scrolls but then again, it is a wheel, you are not supposed to receive just goodies
        -tanks event, they should add more tanks. The chances are supposed to be low because we need only 1 bleed/healing rune in order to be happy but the % are to low indeed
        -team arena matching simply sucks, as a lvl 30+ I met people with apollo wings. i still wonder how does that matching system works lol
        -guild shop upgrades...well when you need to wait 42-43 days just to upgrade again you simply know that without cash you shouldn't expect things like stones in time. Until you get the shop to lvl 10 for them you would had probably already finished collecting them from mpd lol. Heard that lvl 11 might be implemented as well, so 84-86 days?
        -arena solo: again the luck system, get used to it. this game works a lot on luck
        -locked balens, less then they were supposed to be but that was to be expected. about the resets and unlocking inventory...I can only imagine the fun of the servers that shall be created in the future. But ohh well, maybe that might encourage people to stop hopping from server to server in the hope of acomplishing the 'wartune dream': being a top player or it won;t be fun anymore for them lol
        -sylph exchanges sucks for lower br, it is much faster for higher br. Maybe the lvl of the pet you fight should be matched acording to your br/lvl?
        -server merge compensation. Didn't even knew that there were supposed to be compensations for it lol. I mean mergers are supposed to make the game more enjoyable for you, to bring new people so you can have with who to play the game. It offers so much and people actually cries for 1 gb reward? I bet most of the people from s1-s200 would want that merge even if they have to lose the rewards for the entire week in gb.

        About lag, well r2 are proud of the quality of their servers, not much to discuss about it. I can only agree that it requires to much for a browser game and i don't understand why they refuse to implement a low quality mode
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