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Bound Balen drop amount reduced after maintenance?!

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    mystery boxes gives 2 or 3 BB...


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      7 days =13 crypt keys till now


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        Originally posted by symedia View Post
        7 days =13 crypt keys till now
        from which campaign?


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          Originally posted by xnovaflarex View Post
          hmm guess no one is paying any attention what so ever to log in bonus of 100 and 200 that's 300 more right there + say 6 to 8 from camp blitz per day 4 + from guild wheel plus any quest etc rewards that may be avail (likely a few per month at 50 to 150). Also we do not know what we might get as rewards in mpd spire chest tok chest etc. Im also getting 1 to 2 cata keys per 200 stam camp blitz which are 75 balens bound or other wise in the shop. I was getting maybe 1 cata key per 10 full stam blitz's so that drop rate is way up. so your talking grand total of around 1k per month pretty easily counting cata keys. So honestly no free player has any room to wine about it. You are now able to get shop items for free so stop with the wining already. Ive not been able to spend any cash not even on vip for well over a month. Funny bit is im closing in on some of the top cashers on my server as far as br is concerned and doing it fairly fast.

          Whats funny is the number of non paying players in my guild who had not clothing who are now running around with lvl 1 and 2 mixxed clothing from the shop. One has even been able to get a mount. So would seem that they are getting plenty of bound balens.
          Oh boy it was like like for 2-3 days ._.
          Now there's a REAL reason to complain >_>
          I agree that it gave a bit to much but reducing it to barely over 100 each month is **.
          Vouchers >-<
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            Originally posted by symedia View Post
            7 days =13 crypt keys till now
            where?all those who gave crypt keys now keep giving 2 bb -_-


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              R2 not a smart company to be honest ...................... If they add AH they would win alot ......................... If they give none casher a chance to get abit stronger then they make competition so casher would cash more ..................... Killing free to play players game is killing your game............................U make a bussines to win money i do agree but what they do is food for today and hunger for tomorow ......................... They wanna get max cash before close the game or what?


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                Also i dunno how the chineses have action house low prices and all and dunno how , R2 cant lower prices cant add action house ( coz ************ ) dont allow that is really funny ...................... U buy the license so u can add the patches , dont blame others u dont wanna add thinking that u can see items at your own prices so selling 1000 crystaloids at 15 balens each is better then selling 100000000000000000 at 5 balens each ............................


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                  @ symedia Tell us where you got that crypt keys from,cause all i received was BB too like S44-ZEREFsaid!


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                    *** r2 games not only greedy now we have to ** struggle to get voucher / bound balans to be able to reset skill trees talants etc *** you doing idiots on r2 games ,,,,, this is so making people quit i agree with loxmatiby lower the prices insane much or give us back the ** 30 drop in campaigne mpd and more it is not fair for nobody on wartune

                    you treat us all like **** we just give you money and you take away all the fun out of it !
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                      i have to say the bound balen drop to only 2-4 now is pretty pitiful but its part and parcel of the game.

                      I would however put this to R2, Are you going to follow suit and drop prices in shops like on chinese servers? I seriously doubt it but i would like a response so it shows us all that this isnt a forum just to moan on but a forum where you pay attention to us and try to help us understand why you have done what you have done.


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                        Originally posted by Galvon View Post
                        Who wants to waste skelly keys when they still need leg gear.

                        But yeh other than that, the prices are ridiculous, and the BB nerf is worse.
                        thats only for lvl 60 and below gears......

                        70 set have no summoner, soo no keys needed.
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