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  • Suggestions!

    Crystaloids should be in guild lvl 8-9. why? cuz i personally dont want to farm for a stupid year to get a damn piece of a lvl 60 set. and why farm for a year? cuz im a non casher and i plan to stay that way forever. Game is advertised as Free2Play, make it so!
    Reseting skill price-Need serious adjustment- i would say 100 balens tops, even that would be too high .
    Expanding bag slots- Need serious adjustment
    Bound balens- we were informed we'll be getting them from dungeons via rewards, thats so not happening , if you reffered to it as from mystery boxes, make sure you explain it better next time, throw some pictures in it just for kicks.
    Sylph Atoll -NEEDS AFK MODE.-its seriously retarded to kill the same sylphs for so long casting the same skills, let me just tab out while i afk in that thing, and reduce the damn cost for the sylphs half it down .
    An option to close icons on the top right side- i personally dont want to see any Daru alchemy, or Gold alchemy or any CREDITCARD Alchemy for that matter.
    Cooldown timer its ridiculous. a "scroll" or something like spirit covenant should be out for sale with bound balens at like 150 balens , lasting for 24hrs that only does 1 thing "reduce cooldown" just that part outta the vip benefit. Waiting for 24hrs+ on upgrades aint funny anymore.
    I'd also suggest adjusting the price on double skills , but given the fact that no one gives a **** really about what i just wrote and nothing is gonna be done even after 2 more years of wartune, ill end here.

    Peace out.