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  • 3x2 formation

    I have yet to talk to someone who is okay with, let alone happy about, the patch 2.1 changes to formation. What is the point? There's no obvious reason to me why restricting it to two columns makes them money, and I can pretty much guarantee it doesn't make the players happier.

    There's currently only one formation that a team of 4 toons can play where we can see everyone's health bars and buffs properly -- one toon at each corner -- which is a completely useless/inferior setup most of the time.

    There's a thread on the Kong forums detailing some of the major reasons why this change is obnoxious.

    They also seem to have taken away the formation button for the non-leader players of a team in mp dungeons. Am I just missing it?

    Of all the not-broken things in the game to nerf. I just don't get this. GRARGH.

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    Yea, I miss the 3x3 formations.