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about wb so everyone can be happy

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  • about wb so everyone can be happy

    I don't know if this is a dumb idea or not but I am tired to see people opening so many threads about this no matter when the wb was. So suggestion: lets have 3 wb , and only 2 attempts. In that way everyone shall attempt 2 wb no matter if they have a job or they spend their entire time in front of the pc.
    Now I don't know if removing a wb was supposed to make room for the gold rush event or something else but the number of attempts seems to be the best solution for people who can't be at one of them because of their program/ time zone without being upset that others do more wb than them

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    total agreement from me


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      mehh, I think snotnose propose about the same thing a couple of hours earlier lol. I should go to sleep before making useless threads and writing in epically necroed threads lol.
      Can a moderator merge this thread with his?


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        if you read the suggestion before ...


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          hmm interesting, he created it basically at the same hour as me, anyway, snotnose was still the first one. Sorry again, i was sleepy


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            Having 3 WB's and only 2 attempts would not work.

            Unless you could figure out someway to control the number and level of players taking part in each individual one, as this actually effects the gold/daru obtained and also the HP the Boss starts with the next day.


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              3 wb was fine, even with 2 is ok, but doing 3 with only 2 attempts its wrong. I have days when I can get all 3, days when I can get 2, why would I want this?
              Not my fault asian people or " non-eu " people are playing on EU servers.
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