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  • bye R2 Game4s

    See my previous post in "ARE YOU STUPID" I can only assume that you are. I have been a beta tester for WoW 3 times, have played almost every MMO that is out there. Started with EQ 1. And I have never seen a game so money hungry, so "let's help the poor Chinese, give them goodies, and **** up the folks from the US who are paying the bills." I will be back in a week to 10 days to see if anything has changed, tho I don't expect it. I assume that you all are from Nigeria, and just trying to gouge the US folks out of all their money. Do it by fraud, or do it by making a "browser" game. All works the same. I think it may be time to have someone check this game out, see where it comes from, who are the proponents. Think we may be surprised. Have fun all, I'm gone, but will check it out.

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    bye bro , I ll miss you ♥
    " You shall not pass !! " - Gandalf

    "The Lich King has given me true power." - Death knight


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      [QUOTE=Raenaia;718501]and **** up the folks from the US who are paying the bills." /QUOTE]

      No American is paying my bills.

      In fact if I remember rightly it was the American banks who started the Global Financial Crisis around 2008 with their policies and sub-prime lending among other things.


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        Originally posted by Raenaia View Post
        **** up the folks from the US who are paying the bills.
        Americans only play this game?


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          noob racist!!! yea get lost we dont need u