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Dear Game owner Bring back all WB to game

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  • Dear Game owner Bring back all WB to game

    Dear Game owner

    I would be tankfully when there would be a better communication between us .

    before some changes becase WHAT A HELL HAD YOU THINK ABOUT WHEN YOU CHANGED BOSS WITHOUT TELLING US on S238 all the people from Europe wait for it aand nothing

    lot of ppl leave or cancled the vip because this behavior **** off us, this is crazy that you act mostly

    Create a attemps for WB also and bring back the all 3 WB so we user can choose whisch would and could attemps daily 2 so you propose to shorten us from gold and daru are there and we have a freedom to play .

    Don't act agains your customers because that is a base rule of a good company and support.

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    yeah and bring back the time too.....grrrr