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Lvl 70+ exp

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  • Lvl 70+ exp

    Hi fellow wartuners, does exp gain scale every level onward from 70 or do you gain reduced exp from dungeons and campaigns since there are only 2 campaigns available? Appreciate any help to shed some light on this issue!

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    The EXP penalty is removed when you reach level 70.

    You gained full EXP on all dungeons you run, regardless of level.
    Yes, that means you gain full EXP from even Nether Forest.
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      Thanks for the swift reply, does that mean it makes more sense to rush to 80 if I want the most xp gain daily?


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        In long run Yeah bcs we get 80 solo dungs


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          So from 70-79 it's just the 2 dungeons, does that mean that xp from the campaign scales every level?