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bound balens way to get

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  • bound balens way to get

    after new patch and voucher change to bound balens now its get like 2 ~ 4 from altar
    and also unable to get from tree of ancient like voucher so get bound balens is so rare
    but some ppl was save more skeleton keys and open chests and get 30 bound balens
    so i save some keys and open chests and get 2 bound balen only from chest !! they change gain from 30 to 2 .. getting bound balens
    was rare and now more rare .. r2 not think to fix lag and keep some ppl from leave game but they
    think h1ow to make other players leave

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    your right it is rare, but regarding the skeleton key thing it was actually changed i can no longer get 30 b.balens from mystery chests


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      They must recalculate bound balens for open inventory and cooldown reset. because the number it`s the same like vouchers : reset cooldown for gold (exp) was 30 vouchers now it`s 30 bound balens. this it`s not right after they remove 30 bound balens from mistery chests. Who open all inventory before change don't have now problems but who use vouchers for boss (exp) now don't have enough space in inventory and resources to make more space. I must sell daily a lot of god items to can keep my inventory with some boxes empty. With altar ,duels and camapaigns we can make 10-15 bound daily. and for me to open page 2 the 3-st round of spaces its 475 bound balens. this it`s so unfair now.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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        They just make it harder for players as always. Before was dropping vouchers in 30 days tree 7500 + 1600 (check in) + spire 1800 (3x20 per day) , altar average 3600(120 per day) , arena 900(30 per day.), campaign 1080 (360 per day) = 16480 v
        And now is bb- check in 400 , spire 180(3x2bb), altar 240 (8per day) , arena 150 (5 per day), campaign 180-270(6-9per day) = 1150-1240 bb
        16480 / 20 = 824 . So in a long run you gain more. Yep i think too campaign must give 12-15 for the cost of 1 key.
        And yes they need to chance cost for skill reset and open inventory in the moment is too high.


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          why don't they just reduce shop prices. in the chinese version socketing rods are 50 balens but here they are 185.
          fight, all the way to the end, even if it kills you.


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            I made a post the day of the change saying bound balens would be utter **** and we were better off with vouchers, But I got chewed out. More and more people are realizing now.

            Only people that really benefiting are the ones that already had like 20,000 when the conversion happened.
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