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How useful is purification 2+ for 55+ MPDs and the spire ?

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    Simply put get your puri, all heals, bolt and all passives maxed


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      Originally posted by Matt71 View Post
      @Zirc00 : hmm, could you develop please ?

      Let's say I use puri and BL in PVP...
      Considering I need lightning bolt too, that leaves only 2 slots for more skills; meaning that I can't have RoF, Meteor and Sunto, which to me seem to be 3 "must have" in PVP (at least for a healing oriented mage).
      First, you need lvl 3 puri for BL2, which imo is essential in any GA or if you are duelling an archer (due to inability to target heals against an archer). Second, in 3v3 arena puri is a great leveller when facing opponents who just try to stun you to death, as it clears stun effect.

      Lightning Bolt, Rain of Fire, Meteor, Suntoria all essential? Certainly not. Experiment with different combinations and figure out your best set of skills. It also depends on the party you're with.
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        if u can buy double spec do so (its probably the most worth it item in the game)

        otherwise u will have a less fun experience with mage.

        At high levels u need to have a FULL heal spec with puri at least lvl 2 and BL lvl 2
        after that its whatever you want.

        you can do max meteor to have good aoe for arena
        you can try and get thunder (i have it on my heal spec it does wonders in mpds)

        and as the previous poster mentioned you should get pve gear asap. its a whole different game with pve gear. Even if they released an 80 pvp gear i wouldnt get it the rage gain is so godly.

        But bottom line is you need full heal spec or somehow find people willing to carry you through mpds(which is never a fun prospect)