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Tormented Necropolis

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  • Tormented Necropolis

    I play a mage, I have a 81k BR and I can not pass level 9, boss is too strong at the end of the fight, hits the 100-150k damage... if it's not asking too much that the bosses that much damage ? and it is only up to level 9, and what will happen next... and I mean the average player, not high-casher...

    added blessing-wheel in academy, added advanced technologies, added Sylp, and the figure continues to be too weak to go 9 level in the necropolis...

    This is just embarrassing... how much you have to spend real money to character was strong enough to easily reach even half necropolis ?... that figure had 24k MATK and did not make it to level 9 boss, this is ridiculous

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    Have a look at this guide, it helped me a lot with passing it:**-Boss-Review

    I passed Necro 10 at level 59 with 86K BR (high on pots, scrolls and Warriors Call)


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      Damage is the key. Spam as much thunderer as you can, don't bother about healing.


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        You should be able to pass
        my mage was about 65k BR without pots and i made it to lv 10


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          I use scrools and potions... As for how much you need to have BR, 150k to move to the 15 level ? I play a couple of months and it is thanks to the new additions have enough BR

          As for the meaning lvl 30, to everything in the game comes with time, but in my opinion it is wrong balanced necropolis, if I have to play to get to level 30 ? 5 years ?

          in addition to the need to open up 3 keys, I only wish the keys...

          As for the meaning of the game, I have 76 levels, I get the level 70 legendary stones in Hall of heroes, or buy in the store guild, but what if I can not buy epic jewelry shard and epic ring shard because I can not go nine levels necropolis... Is not it a little silly that a player at this level and that BR had a problem with the transition of this level ?

          I can not pick up gems I do not have "transposer"... I only have three runes (brutality, blood and healing), because the rest binds to invest in the game real money... ok, Ok, so I let it go...
          but that was no problem to pass this 9 level that's a slight exaggeration, or is it just a game for high-casher ?

          at 18k MDEF boss asks 100k damage, my hp only ~63k, by boos me asking for a lot of damage, because they do not have time to go at that time to kill, and where all the players who are weaker ?
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            também estou sofrendo na necrópole!